9 Tips For Finding Your Wedding Dress

9 Tips For Finding Your Wedding Dress

9 Tips For Finding Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Aug 04, 2015

Your beau just popped the question, and you said “Yes!” Now you must choose your wedding theme, color palette, and you mustn’t forget the wedding dress! That’s the biggest decision you’ll make, and potentially the most stressful of tasks.


There are many tips we like to offer our brides. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Know Your Price Points: If you have a budget, stick to it. There’s no sense in trying on gowns that are far above your price range. Also bear in mind the cost of taxes, alterations, and shipping fees (none of which are included in the price of the gown).


2. Call Ahead: Camille’s of Wilmington does accept walk-ins, but walking in at a busy time may be a gamble. There’s no guarantee that a bridal consultant will be available to work with you or that a dressing room will be available. By scheduling an appointment, you’ll be able to reserve a consultant and a room. Plus, if you have a specific designer in mind, you can mention the dress styles you’re interested in, so the boutique can have them on hand for you when you arrive.


3. Less is More: There’s no doubt that you’ll want to bring the whole family to your bridal appointment, but when searching for a dress you want to be able to follow your own gut and heart. With multiple voices chiming in on every gown, brides are often overwhelmed. Consider bringing a select few to your appointment. Two or three guests is appropriate.


4. Let the Consultants Do the Pulling: Allowing your appointment guests to do the pulling for you can become distracting. Your consultant’s job is to focus on what you, the bride, wants and she’ll know the store’s inventory like the back of her hand. You’ll be in good hands by allowing the consultant to provide dresses that match your criteria.


5. If Possible, Keep the Kids At Home: Young children can be quite distracting when choosing a dress. Since the average bridal appointment can last for at least an hour, it may be difficult to keep kids under the age of 12 entertained that long. And with loose beads and dress pins in reach, a bridal boutique can be a dangerous setting for youngsters. Remember, this appointment is about you. You should be able to focus on finding your perfect gown without distractions.


6. Come Prepared: Bring a strapless, nude bra and underwear. If you know what sort of shoes you’d like to wear or an estimated heel height, bring something similar to get the full gist of how your dress will look.


7. Expect to Wear a Larger Size: Bridal dresses tend to run small. Typically, a woman who wears a size 10 in street clothes is going to wear a 12 or 14 in bridal wear. So just remember: It’s not you, it’s the dress! Also, because we are a a bridal boutique and not a department store, it is impossible to stock every size and color. If there’s a dress you like that’s not available in your size, we can certainly order your size with no problem!


8. Have an Open Mind: We encourage brides to try on a variety of styles. Sometimes the dress you had in mind may not be a flattering fit for your body as you expected. By keeping an open mind, you open up a new world of possibilities and may find an unexpected dream dress!


9. Communicate With Your Consultant: Sometimes brides may find a dress that’s almost perfect but it lacks straps or there’s not enough crinoline, etc. Let your consultant know your concerns. Changes can easily be made, with the help of our in-house seamstress.


So are you ready to schedule your appointment to find your dream wedding dress? Contact Us now to set up your next visit!