BRIDAL 101: Prioritize YOU

BRIDAL 101: Prioritize YOU

BRIDAL 101: Prioritize YOU. Mobile Image

Feb 22, 2023

BRIDAL GOWN 101: Prioritize YOU



CONGRATULATIONS!!! Whether this is your first time down the aisle, or life has brought you back to the aisle to start a new chapter in your love story, we are SO excited for your special day coming up! One thing is for certain in this moment: you are about to take the first steps into your happily ever after, and that is absolutely something to celebrate. We’re here to celebrate right along with you, while helping you find the gown that makes you look and feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day. That is why we are bringing you a series of blog posts specifically geared toward guiding you through the early stages of planning your wedding, especially where your gown is concerned.




Our first little tidbit of advice? Prioritize YOU. Finding your perfect dress should be the first item you check off your list, followed by accessories, and Hair & Makeup. I know, I know -- you're probably thinking we're totally biased in saying that because we're a bridal gown boutique, but hear me out. Once you say yes to your dress, the rest will fall into place. Trust us. With several decades of combined experience in wedding design, catering and, of course, bridal trend forecasting, we at Camille’s certainly know a thing or two about the wedding planning process!



That being said, YOU are the bride. Not your bestie, not your great aunt Gladys, not even your sister who saved you from choking on spaghetti when you were kids (I may have gotten a tad too specific there, but you get the point, right?). YOUR personal style is what will be reflected at your wedding, those same unique essences of your personality that your fiancé fell in love with in the first place. Don't let someone else's vision make you second guess that moment you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl playing dress-up. That long awaited "YES to the dress" moment at this exact time in your life as the bride is fleeting and cannot be duplicated. Don't let it slip through someone else's fingertips!



Keep this in mind also as you begin designing your wedding: the bride will always stand out, no matter the venue or decorative accents. So, try not to lock into the idea of matching your surroundings. You -- the bride -- are meant to stand out, not blend in with the décor or fade into the scenery (however beautiful your scenery may be). You could say “I do” at a barn, on a beach or in a ballroom, but what you wear will be a personal statement of your very own unique sense of style, and we always want our brides to feel like the best version of themselves on their wedding day. A quick little side note regarding your your bridal party: their look(s) can wait and should be complementary to yours, not the other way around. But we’ll get to them another time. ;) Right now, the focus is YOU! 



My most important advice of all: keep the first thing first. The "first thing" meaning the reason for all of this planning and Pinteresting: LOVE. This is a season of celebration, and as long as you keep the focus on the love you and your fiancé share, you could walk down the aisle in a paper bag and be just as happy. Well, maybe not quite as happy as you'd be walking down the aisle in one of our designer wedding gowns, but you catch my drift. ;) Enjoy this time in your life and bask in being the beautiful bride in the love story unfolding around you.


Stay tuned for more posts from our Bridal Gown 101 series and our 2023 Trend Report. We’ll circle back to topics like ordering timelines, sizing expectations, squad goals, budgeting, Top 2023 Bridal Trends, etc. that you need to know!


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Your Bridal Bestie <3