Bridal Workshop #1: Designing a Dream

Bridal Workshop #1: Designing a Dream

Bridal Workshop #1: Designing a Dream. Mobile Image

Jul 07, 2016

Dream a Little Dream…and then make a vision board!


The first of our Bridal Appreciation Workshop Series is quickly approaching and we cannot wait! Hopefully you have already headed over to our registration page and reserved your spot in what is sure to be a very fun and successful evening of working on your vision for your wedding. If you haven’t, you can do that right now


Vision Boards are a visual representation of a goal, concept or event. A Bridal Vision Board is a great way to place all of your ideas in one cohesive space. It’s also a great way to channel your innermost desires and receive clarity on what you really want to see on your wedding day. Here is an example!




To get you as excited as we are for this event, we sat down with Jana Ingram, owner and founder of Design A Dream Events for a little Q&A so you could get to know a little about our featured speaker at this workshop.


C: How long have you been a Wedding Event planner and how did you get into the business?


J: I have always had a deep passion for designing and planning. After struggling with what I wanted to do as my career, I had the opportunity to assist with a handful of weddings and events starting in 2008. Immediately, I knew I was born to be an Event Planner! I threw myself into the business. Ultimately this lead to the launch of Design A Dream Events in 2012 continuing to coordinate numerous weddings and events … the rest is history!



C: Do you plan other events besides weddings?


J: Our specialty is weddings but we are not limited! We also enjoy charity and other special social events.



C: Tell us a little about your style?


J: I personally have an appreciation for the timeless, clean classic and crisp style. Of course when I’m working with clients my mission is to execute the style of the bride and groom to bring their vision to life!



C: What do you find to be some do the most common concerns of a bride when planning their wedding?


J: Who to trust. The abundance of vendors per category can be extremely overwhelming and it’s hard for the couple to know who is reliable. The other thing I see a lot brides struggle with is timeline. Many people don’t know the wedding planning process; which steps to take and when. Without proper organization there can be a lot of frustration and a lot can fall through the cracks. We are here to eliminate that confusion and provide an organized timeframe in which to accomplish each task leading up to the big day.



C: What do you plan to discuss with brides during this this workshop and what will they take away from this event?


J: We will look at color palates, themes, and talk about ways to make things cohesive for the wedding once the bride has identified her personal taste. Pinterest can be a great resource but can also be her worst enemy! There are just so many options out there, it’s so easy for people to loose focus on what it is that they want. Vision boarding, however, can be her best friend! Our goal with this workshop is to teach brides how they can narrow down the choices and help bring clarity to their vision while of course keeping budget in mind.



C: What do you think is the most valuable thing brides will take away from this workshop?


Brides will take away pointers on how to identify their personal style in including color palate, themes and overall personal taste while learning how to blend vision with budget.


The following are some examples of Jana’s Work #designadreamevents

theme: #SecretGardenWedding

photo credit: Marcus Anthony Photography




theme: #VintageSouthernCharm

photo credit: Anchored in Love Photography



We can’t wait for Jana to join us in our first workshop on July 28th! Be sure to reserve your spot now and tell your fellow bride-to-be friends!


Click here to learn more about Design A Dream



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