Bridal Workshop #2: Picture Perfect Memories; planning wedding memories one photo at a time!

Bridal Workshop #2: Picture Perfect Memories; planning wedding memories one photo at a time!

Bridal Workshop #2: Picture Perfect Memories; planning wedding memories one photo at a time!. Mobile Image

Aug 14, 2016

When we decided we were doing a workshop based all around planning wedding photos with the help from a wedding photographer we wanted to be a bride all over again! What a fun and beneficial event to help answer all of a brides’s questions!?

If you’re getting married soon and are wondering things like “which photographer is right for me? What syle of photography do I want? How do I pose?” this workshop is for you!
So as we gear up for another exciting night in our FREE bridal workshop series, we sat down with guest speaker Marcus Anthony of Marcus Anthony Photography. He is a local photographer with lots of style so check out our little Q&A with him and don’t forget to register!



C: So Marcus, how long have you been a photographer in Wilmington?


MA: I moved here just over a year. I moved from LA to get away from the hustle and bustle and change of pace. After searching the coast of North Carolina for the perfect place to land, I found Wilmington!


C: When did you decide you wanted to be a wedding photographer?

MA: I discovered that I wanted to be a photographer several years ago when I had an epiphany in Vegas actually. I was in Ceasar’s Palace at an art show gallery and this photograph of a Lion caught my eye. For a moment it spoke to me. It really inspired me, and it was then that I realized that I wanted to take photographs and capture amazing moments. So I bought a camera and started taking pictures of everything! In doing so, I discovered I was really good at photographing people, so I began to do more research and after learning more about wedding photography I decided that it was the best focus for me and the best industry to be a part of.



C: In a few short words, how would you describe your style of photography?

MA: It’s definitely Fashion Industry inspired. Editorial. I play with a lot of studio light and just have fun seeing what types of effects I can get from it. When I shoot a wedding I always focus on getting the mandatory shots that the couples request while adding my own personal flare.



C: With so many photographers in the wedding industry, what sets you apart?

MA: I love to combine natural and studio light. I don’t just focus on one or the other, even when I shoot weddings. I bring a lot of equipment, which is not something every photographer is willing or wants to do. I also make it a priority to have a personal experience with the couple and the tests of the wedding. When I couple chooses me I want us to be interacting personally and building personal relationships. My Clients are my friends. We have to jive…to relate on personal AND work level. At the end of the day, people have a choice where to put their money and it’s such a compliment to be chosen by them.



C: What do couples most often express to you is the most important thing to them when they are choosing a photographer for their wedding?

MA: Price would be the first most common topic, but secondly it’s really who to trust is going to show up and do the job while providing a certain presence. When you are in a room with a bride and her closest friends/ family you have to be present and make them comfortable with as little stress as possible.


C: What are you most excited about sharing with brides at this workshop and what is the most valuable thing they will take away?

MA: I love technology and staying on cutting edge on whats available. I am going to share some examples of this with the attendees. This workshop is going to have live posing demonstrations done on the computer (bad poses vs tweaking a pose to get a good photo) so that brides appreciate good wedding photography and how to apply this on their wedding day. I also want brides to come prepared to pick my brain! I’m looking for active feedback, questions for wedding photographers (what do you really want to know)- I can’t wait to answer you questions!

Check out some of Marcus’s amazing work and be sure to register NOW for this event. Space is limited and it’s filling up fast!

Thursday, August 25, 2016 from 7:00 PM