Everyone Going to Prom In Wilmington Should Know These 8 Things

Everyone Going to Prom In Wilmington Should Know These 8 Things

Everyone Going to Prom In Wilmington Should Know These 8 Things. Mobile Image

Feb 04, 2017

Having the best prom ever takes preparedness + opportunity… and we’re here to help with both! Here are 8 things you should know about prom dress shopping in Wilmington.


1. Camille’s only sells one prom dress style per school

When you buy your prom dress at Camille’s, we add your name, school, gown, and color to our prom registry. This way, you will not run the risk of showing up to the biggest event of the year in the same dress! While we can not guarantee someone will not wear the same gown from another store outside of Wilmington, you’re actually safer shopping local, so you know which dresses are being worn to your school. Since Camille’s is the only prom dress shop in Wilmington that carries top designers, you won’t find a duplicate dress unless they’ve shopped in another city.



2. Rock out Prom 2017 like a celebrity

Look like a celebrity in a dress from Camille’s. All our very desirable designer have amazing looks that will make you feel like you are walking the red carpet or winning the crown.


A Two Piece Dress by Panoply – also worn by Miss America!


3. Shop the latest prom styles right off the runway!

You’ll have a ball shopping our collections from the best of the best prom dress designers such as Sherri Hill, Blush and Rachel Allan. You won’t find these styles anywhere else in Wilmington!


4. Camille’s has sizes from 0 to plus size

We carry a wide ranges of size, and if we don’t have it on the rack we can check the designers for stock in your size and will have it shipped to our store just for you.



5. We stand by our dresses – this won’t happen if you order from China!

We’ve heard so many horror stories from girls that have ordered online from a store selling knock off versions of dresses from China. Stories like:


  • the dress arriving in a different color
  • the fabric is different and/or poor quality
  • the size is way off or misshapen
  • the dress arrives late
  • the vendor will not provide a refund
  • and the list goes on.


Save yourself a headache. When you come to Camille’s, you know we work directly with prom dress designers. You will be correctly sized on-site and dresses are shipped directly to us. We have your back (even when you’re wearing a backless dress)!


We also have an in-house expert seamstress for any alterations you may need.


In house alterations will ensure the perfect fit for prom!



6. Nearly 400 prom gowns to choose form!

Our racks are FULL for prom 2017! We have a selection of 375 new gowns! But they will sell fast and are then assigned in the prom registry to the first to buy it so no one else will have it. Getting your prom dress early is the way to go.



7. You can reserve a dressing room and consultant




We are having a ONE DAY SALE on our stock of designer proms styles from 2016. Discounts will not be on New Prom 17, which includes Sherri Hill, Jovani and Rachel Allan. If you buy a dress on sale day, you will receive 20% off jewelry purchase with any discounted or full price dress.