Hush….your secret’s safe with us.

Hush….your secret’s safe with us.

Hush….your secret’s safe with us.. Mobile Image

Sep 08, 2016

If you’re shopping for a dress at Camille’s of Wilmington, chances are you are doing everything that you possibly can to look your absolute best for your wedding, pageant or special occasion. Sometimes, no matter how often you hit the gym or how committed you are to sticking to that fad diet, you may need to call in reinforcements to help your body rock that dress the best it possibly can. Enter, Body Hush.


Gone are the days of feeling like your entire body is being sucked into itself in an uncomfortable, granny panty fashion (no pun intended!). Body Hush has created a custom technology using hidden panels that are strategically placed on key areas of the body that need it most while accenting other assets and totally flattering a woman’s body. Lumps and bumps are smoothed away leaving you with an ultra flattering figure. Check it out.



They are so awesome you could probably eat an ice cream sundae the night before you wear your gown and have not a care in the world (haha)! And the best news of all is that Camille’s of Wilmington has these fabulous things in stock and ready for you when you purchase your dress, saving you the hassle of having to shop elsewhere or, again, maybe save you from settling for those totally un-cute dated undergarments that your grandmother let you borrow. These pieces will make you feel comfortable, modern and sexy while looking your best under the gown of your dreams. They may even allow you to wear an unforgiving fabric that you may never thought you could pull off without these magical little numbers. There are a variety of styles and pieces to choose from and if you don’t see the one that’s best for you in our store, we will of course order it for you.




This shape wear fits like a glove. And don’t worry, we’re sure to (Hush…) keep your secret!

For more info check out Body Hush online: