Mid-Year Bridal Trend Report + Reeds Jewelers Collab

Mid-Year Bridal Trend Report + Reeds Jewelers Collab

Mid-Year Bridal Trend Report + Reeds Jewelers Collab. Mobile Image

Jun 01, 2023

Attention trend-chasers, we have a little (BIG) secret we've been keeping and it's time we make the big reveal! As we've been forecasting bridal trends for the year ahead, we've forged a friendship with one of the most sought-after, family-owned fine jewelry establishments with locations in 13 states, based out of our very own Wilmington, North Carolina -- REEDS Jewelers


As your Bridal Bestie, I've scoured more than a dozen bridal fashion magazines and trend publications to bring you what's trending in bridal gowns, then narrowed down the looks to what's been trending here locally in our boutique, and believe me when I say WE'RE HERE FOR IT -- literally ALL of it. Enter REEDS Jewelers onto the scene and we've partnered together to show you some of the most dazzling engagement ring and fine jewelry pairings for each style profile we've identified for each feature dress. Tune in to both of our Instagram accounts to see these pairings come to life during our Tuesday Takeovers with REEDS Jewelers this summer!


For the quick snapshot, these are our top trending style profiles for 2023-2024, but you'll definitely want to keep scrolling for more details and some serious bridal style inspo! 


The Minimalist - 90’s Rewind 

The Maximalist - Modern Glam Reboot

Marie Antoinette - Extravagant vintage, a la Bridgerton 

Myriad Color - Non-traditional Hues

Meaningful Wearability - Sustainability & Versatility

More Bohemian Rhapsody - Vintage Traveler





Micro Trends:

  • Bare Fabrications
  • Body-skimming
  • Hugging silhouettes
  • Slip Dresses
  • Liquid skirts
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Slits
  • 90’s Necklines (One-shoulder, High Neck Square, Scoop, & Cowl)
  • Short Sleeves


The Minimalist is a classic and overall timeless look with modern details that subtly set each bride apart. In this look, we've paired a sleek, strappy slip dress with a simple rolled edge veil, both of which draw attention to the stunning bride wearing the dress and not the other way around. The "blank canvas" of this look also sets off the gorgeous 2-carat engagement ring, which is a serious WOW in and of itself! 

 Camille's Dress Pick: Morilee 12121

REEDS Ring Pairing: 20116505





Micro Trends:

  • Ball Gown resurgence
  • Statement Bows
  • Layered Laces & Appliques
  • Ornate Embellishments
    • Pearls
    • Feathers
    • Crystals
    • Heavy Beadwork
    • Sequins
  • Unexpected Fabrics (Dimensional Textures, Ruffles, 3D Florals)


The Maximalist trend is not for the faint of heart. Completely opposite of the Minimalist trend, this look is for the lover of couture looks who also enjoys and appreciates the art of intricately embellished details. While the Minimalist trend has been trending strong for us over the last few seasons (and isn't going anywhere anytime soon), the Maximalist trend is picking up speed in response to the absence of heavy embellishments. That said, you know this 3-carat engagement ring won't be blending in with the rest of the sparkle!  


 Camille's Dress Pick: Morilee 2501

REEDS Ring Pairing: 20268280





Micro Trends:

  • Intricate Lace & Beadwork Designs
  • Exposed and semi-exposed Boning
    • Corset Bodices
    • Lingerie-inspired designs
  • Statement Sleeves
    • “Juliette” Sleeves
    • Bell Sleeves
    • Bishop Sleeves
    • Off-shoulder Cap Sleeves
  • Gloves
    • Sheer
    • Satin
    • Embellished
    • Net
  • Old World Accessories
    • Parasol Umbrellas
    • Folding Fans


Bridgerton has certainly disrupted the bridal industry with its old world fashions and WE. LOVE. IT. This look is romantic and fit for a queen, which is why the Marie Antoinette trend is gaining traction. I mean, who wouldn't feel like a queen in this regal number?!?!! Naturally, every queen needs her jewels and this 2-carat halo-adorned emerald cut diamond seriously looks like a ring that could have been curated for the Royal Family! Totally swoon-worthy -- hence the fan. ;)


 Camille's Dress Pick: Sottero & Midgley "Seneca"

REEDS Ring Pairing: 20131553





Micro Trends:

  • Soft Pastels (Blush, Ice Blue, Lavender)
  • Moody Hues (Champagne, Light Taupe, shades of Gold)
  • Bold Statement Colors (Black, Red)
  • Floral Patterns & Prints
  • Ombré Layering


While blush undertones have been trending in bridal for some time, we are loving the elevated new way of adding color by using ombré techniques and dimensional fabrications to achieve a newer depth of color. We've also had many requests for black wedding dresses (especially from our late-October brides) and brought in a capsule collection of those as well. Be on the lookout this Independence Day for a knockout red bridal gown that will have you singing "Stars and Stripes Forever" and getting your sparklers ready! In the meantime, how amazing are these morganite pieces in rose gold?!?!! We love that color has so beautifully impacted the look of fine jewelry, especially the engagement ring, really bringing out the personality of the bride wearing it.


Camille's Dress Pick: Morilee 4119 in "Bellini"

REEDS Jewelry Pairing: 20231627 & 20232203





Micro Trends: 

  • Deconstructed Dresses
    • Removable Sleeves
    • Detachable Overskirts
    • Detachable Trains
  • Convertible Shoulder Straps
  • Sustainable Fabrics (Suitable for dyeing and repurposing)
  • Separates
    • Bodysuits
    • Bodices
    • Skirts
    • Pants
    • Jackets/Blazers
  • Modifiable Silhouettes (Suitable for shortening without disrupting the vertical seams or lace / appliqué patterns)


Sustainability is more than just a trend, it is a call to appreciate the things we purchase and be more intentional about our consumption of consumer goods. Demetrios (the designer of this dress) is one of our most unique designers in that you can customize any of his dresses to your personal liking -- add/remove sleeves, modify the skirt, change the neckline, etc. He is also renowned for his convertible dress looks with detachable overskirts and trains, which allows our bride to have a distinctly different look for both ceremony and reception effortlessly -- no need to purchase 2 dresses, unless, of course, you really want to! This look features a fit-n-flare silhouette that can be easily shortened and/or converted into separates for multiple wears long after you've said "I do". Plus, there are so many ways to repurpose wedding gowns nowadays (more on that later -- stay tuned!). So, why not tap into those creative juices when putting together your unique look for your big day, and beyond? On the topic of repurposing, this beautiful 1-carat diamond ring hails from "The Little Prince" collection, exclusive to REEDS and set in recycled gold! Beautiful AND sustainable -- we love! 


Camille's Dress Pick: Demetrios 1182 + Removable Overskirt & Train

REEDS Ring Pairing: 20291662





Micro Trends:

  • Second-Hand Look with a Modern Twist
  • Mid-Century
  • Festival Style
  • Desert Charm
  • Freeform Details
    • Capes
    • Fringe
    • Tassels
    • Eyelash Lace Hems
  • Unique, Unembellished Lace Patterns
  • Combination of Multiple Laces & Trims


We call this trend "More Bohemian Rhapsody" because, well... the boho trend has been on fire over the last few seasons and each season it just keeps getting better! The trend started out more vintage heavy, much like dresses that may have been passed down from generation to generation, but it has taken the vintage vibe to a whole new level with its freeform details and flowy vibe. The festival scene (a la Coachella) has had a profound impact on fashion, not to mention the wanderlust of traveling from festival to festival, adding unique personality to these looks as if design elements were gathered from one destination to the next (i.e. - mixed laces and fabrications). For the bride with a unique sense of style and an effortless sensibility, we love this pear-cut engagement ring, set off with sparkling pavé diamonds!


Camille's Dress Pick: ADORE by Justin Alexander 11235

REEDS Ring Pairing: 20196937


Well, that's a wrap... for now! Stay tuned this summer for our Tuesday Takeovers every other Tuesday. We're already planning our next REEDS Jewelers collab and let me just say this: it. will. be. EPIC. :)


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Your Bridal Bestie <3