Unexpected Wedding Attire Expenses

Unexpected Wedding Attire Expenses

Unexpected Wedding Attire Expenses. Mobile Image

Oct 03, 2018

Most brides know that their wedding dress is going to be a major expense in their wedding budget, but that’s not all you should prepare for. It’s important to be ready for the extra costs that will complete your wedding look so that you can stick to your budget while shopping. As the experts, we’ll go over some of the common add-ons that most brides end up purchasing to go along with their dress for the big day.


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Undergarments – Wedding dresses are unlike any dress you’ve ever worn before and they require unique undergarments to make sure the dress looks the best on you. Most dresses will require sewn in cups or a strapless bra so as to not ruin the neckline of your dress with peeking bra straps. Nude underwear and a slip to help disguise panty lines will be a must for many dresses as well. Your dress may also require specialty shapewear, a corset, or a backless bra, depending on the cut. When you’re trying on dresses ask your consultant what type of undergarments they recommend so you’re prepared to add this expense to your budget.






Alterations – Every wedding dress will need some type of alterations to make it flatter your body perfectly but the cost of alterations can vary widely depending on what you need done.  If you’re making major changes to the structure of the dress like adding sleeves or reworking the neckline, expect a much higher cost than if you just need the dress hemmed. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $150 to a few hundred on alterations for your dress.


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Accessories – Of course, you can’t forget the extra sparkles that complete your wedding look. Accessories such as a veil, beaded belt, shoes, and hair pieces can add up quickly so it’s important to be prepared. According to The Knot 2017 Real Weddings study, the average bride spent $279 on wedding accessories. If you’re looking to cut down on this cost ask your family if they have any vintage accessories that have been passed down that you could wear. It’s a perfect way to incorporate your something old or something borrowed!





Getting Ready Outfit – These days many brides choose to purchase a special robe or outfit for getting ready with their bridesmaids. The matching outfits look great in pictures and can be a fun gift to thank your bridesmaids for participating in your day.


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Reception dress – Some brides may want to change into a shorter or more casual dress for the party portion of their reception. If this is part of your wedding vision, make sure there’s room in your budget or look into a wedding loan to prepare for this expense on top of your main ceremony dress. Although a reception dress will probably cost less than your ceremony dress, don’t forget that you might also need to budget for alterations to your reception dress.




Cleaning and preservation – A wedding dress is often the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever buy, so you’ll want to invest in cleaning and preserving the dress after your big day is over. The price of preservation will vary based on the fabric and decoration on your dress, but the average ranges between $200-$700. Once you’ve preserved your dress you can save it for future daughters to wear, or just keep it as a memory of your special day. You can purchase our wedding dress preservation kits, by the Wedding Dress Preservation Company, at our shop for $198.



If you keep these extras in mind while wedding dress shopping you’ll have no worries about your budget at the end of the day! Contact us if you’re ready to get started finding the dress of your dreams today.