5 Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations

5 Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations

5 Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations. Mobile Image

May 25, 2017

You’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress. The next step is getting the perfect fit. But how do you decide who will do the alterations on your wedding dress, essentially the most memorable dress you’ll ever buy? Where should you go, what it will cost, how to protect the dress—these and other questions will take some consideration.


We understand. At Camille’s of Wilmington, we know the concerns and questions you will have about wedding dress alterations. Here are a few tips to get you started on choosing alterations for the wedding dress of your dreams:


1. Watch Your Wedding Timeline

Like most brides, you probably have started your planning early. Choose a dress 10 months before the wedding to allow for shipping, which can take four or five months. For standard alterations, you will need two or three fittings over the course of two to four weeks. Any major changes can take longer.


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2. Consider Your Wedding Dress Budget

Seamstresses may charge per service, such as shortening or resewing seams. Others will charge a flat fee for everything you need, typically $500-$700. Design changes such as altering a neckline or adding beadwork will be extra, so always get an estimate.


Camille’s is happy to provide an estimate of the cost of any alterations you’ll need once you’ve said “yes!”


3. Watch Your Wedding Weight: Plan Carefully

We do not recommend ordering a dress that is too small with the hope to lose weight. You may lose weight in unexpected places—or (heaven forbid) gain it back! It’s much easier to take in a large dress than let out a small one. Consider the fit of your dress, too: An A-line dress style is much more forgiving of weight changes.


4. Get the Best Wilmington NC Wedding Dress Alterations at Camille’s of Wilmington


Lorraine Swyers Seibold, Alterations Specialist


The bridal store where you buy your dress may or may not have the best tailors.


Camille’s is proud of two alterations specialists, Lorraine Swyers Seibold and Angela Woodcock.


Lorraine has been sewing all her life and won a state fair ribbon at the age of 11! She has extensive experience in bridal consulting and knows just the right way to make your dress fit perfectly.


Brides appreciate the extra care that goes into our alterations.

“The seamstress was great to work with. I can be particular with how things fit and she worked patiently with me to get the bustle just right,” said Courtney Townsend, Bride.


5. Questions to Ask About Wedding Dress Alterations

Read reviews and ask these questions before deciding who will make your wedding dress alterations. Here are a few considerations:

  • Does the seamstress pay the bridal store for the referral?
  • Does the seamstress work for the bridal salon, or are they an independent contractor? Make sure you have recourse if anything happens to your dream dress.
  • Where is my dress stored when I leave it for alterations? You want to make sure the seamstress has a climate-controlled area for your dress.
  • Is my dress insured? Once the dress leaves the store, it may not be covered by store insurance.


Brides Love Camille’s!

At Camille’s of Wilmington, excellent customer service, beautiful gowns, and the best alterations are our stock in trade. We offer five bridal designers, four bridesmaids lines, accessories, and tuxedo rentals.

For the best alterations to your wedding dress, call Camille’s today at (910) 471-4212 or email alterations@camilleswilmington.com.