BRIDAL 101: Wedding Dress Order Timelines

BRIDAL 101: Wedding Dress Order Timelines

Continuing our BRIDAL 101 Series: Let's talk ORDER TIMELINES!


Let's jump right in: We highly recommend having your wedding gown secured 10-12 months ahead of your wear date. I know that sounds like a long time, but time flies when you're planning the most perfect day of your life! Also, the average time it takes for a wedding gown to be constructed is right around six to eight months. YEAH. That's kind of a long time. But don’t panic -- sometimes we can secure a gown that is readily available in your specific size and color directly from the designer’s distribution headquarters, which can cut the down transit time significantly. However, you’ll still want to plan ahead just in case your gown does need to be made-to-order and/or customized. Customizations can include adding design elements such as sleeves, additional lace and/or beadwork, etc. Many of our designers offer ready-to-order customizations, but if not, our amazing master seamstresses in alterations may be able to work a little magic for your gown too, we'll just need to verify with them before you order -- we never want to over-promise and under-deliver.




On that same note, you’ll want to order your dress in plenty of time to allow for alterations. No matter the extent of the alterations needed, we recommend setting your first fitting appointment to be no less than six to eight weeks prior to your “wear date” to account for any ancillary modifications that may need to be completed in time for your big day. If you are having portraits done in advance of your wedding date, just make sure to book your first fitting six to eight weeks prior to the date of that photo shoot.


Just a heads up -- most brides will need 3 specific alterations performed right out of the gate: 1.) Trimming the hem length, depending on your natural height and the heel height of your shoes; 2.) Adding a bustle for the train; and 3.) Taking up the shoulders just a little. Now, some brides may need a little tweaking in the side seams as well, but our priority when taking your measurements is to avoid any unnecessary alterations wherever possible. We're not made from cookie cutters, so the likelihood of one bride measuring the same size in all 3 bust, waist, AND hips measurements is rare at best. That said, we always accommodate the largest of the 3 measurements when sizing you out in order to ensure that the dress will fit over the hips and be fully zipped and fastened!  



Back to ordering timelines: If your wedding date is November 7th and you’re not doing portraits before then, you’ll want your first fitting scheduled for September 3rd (eight weeks prior to your wedding date). Back out your “say yes to the dress” appointment date about eight months, and your bridal gown shopping should take place no later than February 5th. So, if you’re reading this, it's after March 1st and you’re one of our fabulous Fall brides who has yet to order her gown, NOW is the time to book your appointment to FIND AND ORDER your perfect dress! And try not to worry if you’re a little behind, we’ll do everything possible to get your dress delivered in time. For all of our brides with weddings further out, you won't lose any beauty sleep over delivery dates, but remember: you need to book your appointment to find/order your dress 10-12 months in advance of your wear date. 



Questions?? As always, feel free to give us a shout at 910-471-4212, or via  Facebook and Instagram with any questions! To book your appointment, simply visit our website and we'll make sure that ordering your dress is the least of your worries! 



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