Our "New Normal" at Camille's

Our "New Normal" at Camille's

Our "New Normal" at Camille's. Mobile Image

May 18, 2021

What a whirlwind it has been since last May, and even since this past January! Many are [literally] breathing a sigh of relief after Gov. Roy Cooper's Executive Order lifting the mask mandates -- yours truly not excluded -- and we do have a few operational updates to share with you in alignment with the new guidelines!




  1. Face masks are NO LONGER required, per Gov. Roy Cooper; however, we will respect your decision to continue wearing them if you feel more comfortable doing so in our establishment.

  2. Our normal business hours will remain unchanged; however, we are relaxing our appointment policy! Only on the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will we operate by appointment-only.

    • Walk-ins are welcome Tuesday through Thursday during normal business hours.

    • Again, weekend visits will require an appointment, including Fridays.

  3. For more details on state and local guidelines, please refer to the following resource links:





  1.  We ask that you bring no more than 3 (three) people with you to your appointment. 

    • UPDATE: Appointment parties will still be limited to the client trying on and her 3 guests on the weekends; however, if you would like to bring more than 3 people, simply call us at 910-471-4212 to request an appointment during a weekday with a larger guest count. 

  2. Consultants will not be going in the dressing room with you, but family members and/or personal guests are welcome to help you in the dressing room. Your consultant will assist you once you are out of the dressing room with any additional fastening.

  3. We are cleaning the store after each appointment and doing our best to comply with social distancing.

  4. No children are allowed in the store under 12.

  5. Please reschedule your appointment if you are sick or have a fever. If you have come into contact or been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are still inside your quarantine period, please reschedule your appointment.


That about wraps it up! We are so excited to see [all of] your beautiful faces and look forward to continuing our practice of dressing you up as safely as possible.


As always, feel free to give us a call at 910-471-4212, info@camilleswilmington.com or via  Facebook and Instagram with any questions. To book your appointment, simply visit our website and we'll make sure that trying on and ordering your dress with us is the least of your worries during this time.  



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