The Summer I Turned Pretty - Cameos + 7/14 Season 2 Release!

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Cameos + 7/14 Season 2 Release!

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Cameos + 7/14 Season 2 Release!. Mobile Image

Jul 12, 2023

ICYMI -- We are superfans of the Amazon Prime Video series entitled, The Summer I Turned Pretty! It is the on-screen adaptation of the book series of the same name, penned by renowned author, Jenny Han. The series hit #1 on Prime Video by the end of its first month of streaming and we certainly know why! If you are unfamiliar with the author's work, Jenny Han also wrote the fan favorite, To All the Boys I've Loved Before -- another hit book-series-turned-hit-movie-trilogy on Netflix! Basically, Jenny Han knows how to captivate her audiences in writing and in film. 



So, imagine our excitement when during the filming of the first season, Camille's of Wilmington was selected to be a destinations for not one, but TWO scenes in the series. You can find our cameos in episodes 2 and 6 -- we're the home of the fabulous dress shop where Belly and her crew shop for their gorgeous dresses. For more details about these features, check out our blog post FILMING: The Summer I Turned Pretty to see all of our behind-the-scenes action shots!



Since that blog post, Camille's has been named in several articles about the filming locations and visited by many a fan of the series! Here are just a few articles you can check out for a deeper look at the fandom surrounding this amazing series:


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So, if you haven't binge-watched this captivating series yet, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW and watch the first season before the 7/14 release of Season 2 where several of our dresses may or may not be making another cameo! (*wink*) You won't be sorry!! BONUS -- Share a pic of one of our store's Season 1 cameos on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in it to automatically win a free tote filled with swag from our designers!!!!


Here's to Belly and her boys! How ever will she choose?? WILL she choose? WHO should she choose? Tune in this summer for this highly anticipated Season 2 release and let us know what you think! 



Your Bridal Bestie <3