BRIDAL 101: NBSE 2021 + Budgeting for your Gown

BRIDAL 101: NBSE 2021 + Budgeting for your Gown

BRIDAL 101: NBSE 2021 + Budgeting for your Gown. Mobile Image

Jun 23, 2021


Get ready! We are nearly 3 weeks away from the biggest designer bridal sample sale event of the year!!! For one week, and one week only each year, Camille's joins boutiques from all across the country in a day of discounts that rivals "Black Friday" each year. From July 17th-24th this year, Camille's will be THE coastal North Carolina affiliate hosting this incredible sale, stocked with literally HUNDREDS of discounted designer bridal gown samples (in all sizes) for you to try and buy!


We're talking designer gowns from sought-after labels like Lillian West, Maggie Sottero, Stella York, Morilee, Demetrios... and the list goes on. Fitting rooms will be issued in order of first arrival, so be sure to join us early and beat the line. Don't miss your chance to find your dream dress at an incredibly deeply discounted price! Which brings us to our next order of business in this post... budgeting! 




Did you know that the average cost of a wedding here in the United States comes in right around $33,900? The average cost of a photographer is $2,400. That's 7.1% of the total wedding budget. Now, let that sink in because the next average we're going to look at is the average cost of a bridal gown. Any guesses? The answer might actually surprise you, and in a good way! So, here it is... the average cost of a wedding gown purchased in the USA is $1,631. That's just 4.8% of the average wedding budget! 


I know it’s easy to get sticker shock -- I mean, it’s not every day you’re purchasing a wedding gown, right? But it helps to keep it all in perspective of the overall wedding budget, as the dress actually comes in at a fraction of what most couples spend on all the other aspects of their wedding (i.e. - photographers, caterers, flowers, etc.). Check out our post on Unexpected Wedding Attire Expenses as well, as we’ve mapped out some commonly forgotten expenses you’ll want to take into consideration while budgeting for your wedding. 



That said, if you are on a very strict budget, do keep in mind that the more design elements there are in a dress (i.e. - lace, sequinning/beadwork, embellishments, fuller skirts, etc.), the more expensive it will likely be. I've heard a few brides say, "it's just one dress for one day, so I don't want to invest too much into it." Well, that's one way to look at it. But here's the other: what is the. one. thing. from that "one day" you will look back at for the rest of your life? That's right. Your pictures. Pictures of you walking down the aisle in your gown, saying "I do" in your gown, dancing in your gown, hugging guests in your gown, enjoying cocktails and canapes in your gown... see where I'm going with this? It's not just one dress for one day -- it's THE DRESS for the rest of your days.


We, at Camille's, believe you deserve to look and feel like your most beautiful self not only on your wedding day, but also every time you flip through your photo album and relive those memories. That is why we offer flexible payment options for all of our gowns. Our prices start just under $1,000 and go up to $4,000; however, our average dress here runs between $1,200-$1,500, which actually comes in under budget compared to the industry average! 




Be sure to ask us about our available payment plans when you come visit. We only require a percentage down to place the order and just ask that the remaining balance be paid within 2 weeks of the gown arriving from the manufacturer. We also offer a layaway option just in case the gown arrives sooner and you'd like a little more time to pay that balance in full. And again, we do offer additional payment plan options that we are more than happy to chat with you about during your appointment!


Stay tuned for more from our ongoing Bridal 101 Series. We're here to help and guide you through this exciting time of planning your wedding! As always, feel free to give us a shout at 910-471-4212, or via  Facebook and Instagram with any questions about the National Bridal Sale Event or budgeting (or anything else)! To book your appointment, simply visit our website and we'll make sure that finding your perfect wedding dress is the least of your worries! 



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